Meridian Inn – Barbados Apartment Hotel Review

5 03 2010

Not everyone might share my view but I think that the rooms of the Meridian Inn Barbados apartment hotel are honestly just so depressing. Why? Well, when we got there, the room design was quite outdated to say the least. It felt more like a hostel. Also, the area where the hotel is located had a grey feeling since most of the other buildings were also shabby and old. Good thing that it was near the beach where we spend most of our vacation in. There were also a lot of suspicious looking people that loitered in the area. Another problem I had with the room was the air-conditioning units which did not seem to function well. First of all, the noise from the darn thing was so loud that it even overshadowed the sound of the television which we had turn up high in order to hear properly. Another thing was that it did not seem to cool the room up properly.
Barbados apartment hotel

The showers only gave out lukewarm water, the twin beds could not be made into one large bed since they were stuck to the floor, the WiFi connection was weak, and finally the hotel computer was not free for use.

But what saves this Barbados apartment hotel is perhaps the quality of the service staff. The manager was really very friendly to us. In our stay, she was so helpful; she gave service that was far and beyond her call of duty to the customer. Almost the same thing could be said of the rest of the staff in that Barbados apartment hotel. We have been to several more expensive hotels in the island before but the service there was always grumpy. And it is such a surprise to find out that here in this cheaper rated hotel, the service staff is a whole lot friendlier and more helpful.

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Dealing with Discrimination in Car Auto Insurance Quotes

20 12 2009

No matter how hard people strive to temper, if not eradicate, it from society, discrimination seems to be present even in the most unexpected parts of life. Discrimination, as it turns out, is also present in the insurance world and has a huge impact in the determination CA car auto insurance quotes. Many insurance companies still base their rates and quotes that are specific to the personal profile of a person.

California car insurance quotes online

This is significant news, mainly because nowadays, people are desperate to find cheap quotes for their car insurances. But if trivial aspects of their person profile have the potential to increase the premiums of policies, then it really will be a cause for concern. The overall impact of this on different people from all over the country is negative, and majority of the citizens believe it to be unfair and totally unnecessary.

There are instances where higher premiums are charged to male drivers based on statistics that men have the higher tendency to drive fast, hence become involved in car accidents. There those who are charged higher premiums just because of the area they live in, which again, has unfavorable statistics but this time of high crime rates and accidents. The list of charges against these insurance companies goes on and includes discrimination against age, physical capabilities, education and so on.

There is always the best way to go about things, and in this case, ignorance must be eliminated. In order to fight for the CA car auto insurance quotes that are justly owed them, people are encouraged to become more aware of the laws that apply in their states and deal with insurance discrimination. Generally, every insurance applicant must be aware that he should be treated equally with every one else due to the fact that the provision of protection for cars and their owners is important in today’s society. Nationality, beliefs, color or race must not be grounds for the denial, refusal of renewal, limitation, or increase of premiums and rates by an insurance company. They must likewise not base their rates on a person’s age, gender, status, location, and disability. In case of discrimination, an insurer must be able to provide solid, concrete evidence for his denial, refusal, limitation or increase of rate that proves that a particular motorist is a higher risk compare to other people.

With the right methods and the necessary knowledge and awareness, people can fight against social challenges such as discrimination. There are laws that set guidelines for almost everything nowadays. There are sources out there that specifically discuss the details of the laws the protect people’s rights against discrimination.

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Tips on Claiming California Car Insurance

17 12 2009 live here in California, and I can certainly say that it is alarming to know that there are real-life instances where insurance claims could not be made, especially since this state has one of the highest statistics when it comes to automobile accidents, owing to the fact that it is densely populated. One of the absolute worst things that can ever happen to you is when you pay a fortune for your car insurance and then not be able to collect a single cent of it at the time of a car accident. After going through all the trouble of researching and comparing quotes, it would definitely induce a state of depression if it were all for nothing.

According to an anonymous inside informant whom I’ve known for quite some time and trust wholeheartedly, there are certain tips that can help us motorists avoid being taken advantage of and thus be able to collect every single dollar that’s owed to us. These tips during a claim in California car insurance include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1)    After a car accident, there would be situations when you would be unable to work. You can actually collect for your “Lost Wages” from your insurance even though your employer pays you during your sick leave.
(2)    If ever you are in the process of recovery after getting into a serious car accident, your doctor will of course prescribe certain medications such as antibiotics and pain killers. But what people seldom realize is that they can reimburse for all these over-the-counter prescription medications.
(3)    Unless a claim ends up in court, you don’t have to agree to be examined by the insurance company’s doctor under normal circumstances.
(4)    You are entitled to collect the “Gross Amount” of your lost wages, not the so-called “New After Taxes”.
(5)    If ever you are a housewife and unfortunately injured in a car accident hence cannot carry out specific tasks or generally work because of it, you can recover for “Lost Wages” as well, but this will be based on the value of a maid’s or a domestic servant’s, who typically does the same type and amount of work.
(6)    For those who were forced to skip out or cancel a vacation and/or special occasion or event because of being involved in a car accident, keep in mind that you are actually entitled to extra compensation from your insurance!
(7)    Since California is a “no-fault” state and follows the Financial Responsibility Law, motorists are not encouraged to, but not prohibited from, buying Personal Injury Protection to add to their California car insurance. For those motorists who did not purchase PIP coverage, there are certain circumstances when you can make a claim and collect for it.
(8)    Family members, relatives and friends have the right to execute statements which can help show adjusters what kind and the extent of your injuries are. This can also be evidence of what you had to go through during the recovery period.

These tips can help provide insured motorists to get a better value for their money especially when it comes to the computation and the settlement of car insurance claims here in California, particularly the personal injury claim.

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The Right Agent for the Best Auto Insurance Quotes

8 12 2009

In light of my friend’s recent purchase of a new Prius, we decided to celebrate her successful purchase over dinner. She and I, along with some of our other close friends, eventually ventured into the topic of auto insurance. I thought we pretty much covered everything there is to know about it. Majority of us drove our own cars and are experienced in dealing with such matters, particularly about ways on getting auto insurance quotes. But the celebrant raised a question that none of us thought of pondering on. She asked us, “How do I know that I’m choosing the right agent or broker?” As expected, none of us were able to give her a satisfactory answer, for majority of our ideas were only notions and not based on research evidence. We were thus given the challenge of helping her out by researching on what makes a good auto insurance broker or agent.

A broker and an agent have entirely different functions. An agent is licensed to sell insurance and give advice regarding it. However, it is the broker’s responsibility to review and sign off a final policy. Brokers hold a higher license and may represent more than one company. They usually have agents working under them. In choosing the right agent or broker, a potential buyer should consider the following: First is Reliability. This can be verified online by checking the consumer complaint ratio of a prospective insurance agent in a state’s department of insurance. It is also a good idea to ask for check the company’s J.D. Power Ratings, and ask for recommendations from local body shops. Second, a good agent or broker will offer Great Coverage and is transparent in his dealings. Ideally, after considering a variety of factors, they will provide you the cost of your auto insurance and give you a quote. The best agents or brokers offer the best coverage at the best price. Third is Qualification. The best auto insurance agent secures you the best quote possible, and has evidence of his experiences in successfully working with people under known major companies like AAA, or as an independent one who possesses a portfolio of several insurance companies. Consider his credibility, honesty and sincerity in interacting with you.
Mulling over these characteristics should help you choose an auto insurance agent who can give you the best quote that’s worth every penny. I commend my friend for having thought of asking such a pertinent question. The quality of a product is determined by the quality of its merchant.

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Traits of a Quality SEO Company

4 12 2009

There is a pressing need for businesses to contract the professional services of a top SEO company as website marketing becomes more competitive and cut throat with the endless growth of the Internet industry. Despite the vast numbers of available SEO companies online, not all of them provide quality service that every business deserves. Special care must be taken in choosing the most appropriate and best company for the job.

There are certain desirable characteristics to look for when meticulously comparing the services of various SEO companies. The first trait to consider is expertise. The companies in question should possess fundamental knowledge about the service, internet marketing and its wide array of challenges. The professionals involved should have the required, necessary skills to be at par with the standards of the competitive global market. The second trait to consider is legitimacy. No one wants to be involved in shady dealings. The next characteristic to consider is experience. Companies that have been around for some time have garnered more credibility and have gained more experiences to prove their proficiency and efficiency. Another important trait is adaptability. Technology develops and updates continually. A good company strives to be updated on latest technological trends to keep pace with advancements. Other traits to consider are transparency and interactivity. Allowing clients to be actively involved is invaluable. They should not be kept in the dark when it comes to the progress of the contracted work and the techniques used in producing it. Proper monitoring from both sides provides necessary feedback and recommendations that are vital to the successful development of the web sites. And last but not the least is cost-effectiveness. The work done should be worth its cost. Don’t judge a company’s performance solely based on what they charge. Cheap is doesn’t mean quality.

Choosing an SEO outsourcing company can either make or break a business. When seeking to employ the services of one, be informed of what characteristics to look for. Be sure to research on companies, their background, responsibilities and services get proper leverage on making the best decision.

Call Center in the Philippines: The Worst Types of Callers

10 11 2009


There are many annoying callers. When you work at a call center in the Philippines, you get to meet them all. But there are annoying customer callers, and then there are really bad callers. These are the types that you would dread to have.

The time Consumers
In every call center in the Philippines or anywhere else, there will always be a time limit set for the call center agent. Generally, each call should just amount to five to ten minutes each. When an agent takes to long to close calls that consumes time and money. It also means that the agent might not be that capable of handling explanations and what-not. But there are time consumers out there that just break one’s track record. Those callers who ask about everything, who are too chatty, or who are clueless and undecided are usually the culprits.

Lost in Translation
There are people who are lost in translation. This means that they either have very incomprehensibly thick accents, or they have very bad English, or both. This is one tough challenge for anybody who works in a call center. There is just almost no chance for an agent to make this call go smoothly.

This perhaps needs no explanation. A lot of callers call angry because those who are having problems with their product or service are the ones with the most reason to call.

Angry and Irrational
This is the deadliest combination of them all. This is very different from people who are merely angry. The angry people, you know have some reason why they are angry. However, those who are angry and irrational are just enough to make any agent from call center in the Philippines or anywhere else to want talk back. Imagine if a person yells and cusses you on the phone while spouting irrational statements. It is truly the worst type of caller.


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Of the Mistake that is the Obama Housing Bailout

26 08 2009

A new Obama mortgage bailout is being proposed. People see that it is quite similar to the old one. The new Obama bailout moneys being injected is worth about 200 billion dollars. Again.

Why is it that the more someone tells you what you should do about your life or yourself, the more you hate it and you feel the need to rebel against the advice? At least that’s how it is for me. Perhaps it’s because I have been lectured so many times as a child while being hit with a belt. Perhaps it’s because I felt bullied or threatened. What is it that creates the pride that makes you hate admitting that you were wrong? That what you did made things worse. That it was your fault, your decision. And why is it that these kinds of feelings don’t usually appear in the issue of love. Is it because I knew too well the satisfying results of admitting your mistakes in love but not in other parts of life like work and responsibility? Perhaps. I don’t know. But what I am sure of is that the Obama housing bailout plan is a mistake. And the administration better fess up to it.

obama bailout news

Everyone is fighting over the 200 billion dollar Obama bailout moneys distributed to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. So many people argue about the fact that the Obama administration is still working to create a kind of solution that only serves as a show move. A move to instill confidence back into the economy, but does not really have enough significant effects to raise it up on its own. The Obama mortgage bailout doesn’t even have a clear enough break down of expenditure. Please Mr. President, show us the money.

Kitchen paint color – How to have a contemporary design

22 12 2008


Kitchen paint colors will dictate whether or not your kitchen will have a contemporary design and feel. Common sense tells us that, in order to have a contemporary perspective, you need to create a look that veers away from anything that is traditional.

However, this is not entirely true. Here are some tips on how you can combine the traditional and the modern in your kitchen.

Do not mistake modern with contemporary
Most people mistake the term contemporary with modern. However, the term contemporary means something that is very “now” rather than something referring to the future.

Stay simple
Simple designs transcend all trends. You can use clean lines when you are creating a contemporary look yet it is a common feature in traditional designs. You can combine the use of clean lines in order for your rooms to have a sleek yet warm feel.

Add texture
To differentiate modern and contemporary, you need to have texture. Subtle details like an accent piece will add different layers to your room, making it contemporary rather than modern.

Remember to keep these simple thoughts when designing your kitchen. These things are keys when you want to have a contemporary design with the right kitchen paint color.

Choosing paint colors that will reflect a mood

10 12 2008

Choosing paint colors is important because you need to reflect a mood in the room that you want to design. The right mood will set the stage to the feel that you want your room will have. Maybe the room needs to be dramatic? Or do something warm and cozy? Read on for some tips:

Yellowpaint colors
Yellow, if not the brightest, is one of the brightest paint colors. As it is, it is the color that the eye reacts to first. Because of this attribute, yellows are best used to accentuate as opposed to being used as a base color for warm interiors.

Greens are deeply associated with nature making this the color of choice when you want to convey a relaxing mood. However, darker shades of green can also be used to portray wealth and abundance.

Blue on the other hand is associated with water and the sky giving off a sense of being fresh and cool. Also, using dark shades of blue will suggest the feeling of stability and commitment.

Purple the color of kings and nobles. In olden times, purple can only be worn either by royalty or by the wealthy. Until today it is used to give out the mood of nobility and monarchy. Rarely used in wall paint colors, purple is best used on drapes and other accent pieces.

These are just some of the colors that you can use to evoke mood and feeling to room that you want to design. Just remember to have a clear vision and plan before you start choosing paint colors.

Kitchen paint color – Tips on how to decorate your kitchen

5 12 2008

Kitchen paint color can be accentuated through the use of innovative color schemes not only in the walls but also in the kitchen decors. For instance, a monochromatic color scheme can be accentuated with spot colors in different parts of your kitchen.

Here are some ideas to brighten up your kitchen decors:

kitchen3For cabinets
Cabinets are a common fixture in most kitchens with warm interiors. They provide different functions to your kitchen so that you can maximize your space. However, they can also add a dash of color when partnered with your wall.

For tiles
You can choose intricate designs for your tiles or you can paint them in the design that you want. Either way, you may consider using darker paint colors so that you can provide a base for your color scheme and it will be easier to clean.

For lights and shadows
Remember that colors are very dependent on light so you need to consider how your kitchen is lit. You can either dim or brighten up the lights that you use so as to create the mood and the feel that you want to achieve.

These are just some suggestions that you can do when you want to add different touches to your kitchen. Remember that the whole is more than the sum of its parts and that you can use these different elements when you want spice up your kitchen paint color.